Prof Alan Jackson

Emeritus Professor

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Research interests

My research interests have developed from a single objective to optimize the use of modern clinical imaging systems for diagnosis, classification and therapeutic planning.   I have been extensively involved in research related to the use of MRI in Cancer drug development and the development of imaging biomarkers for use in early phase clinical trials.


Much of my research is centred on the development and validation of novel imaging biomarkers for use in research and clinical applications.


My major areas of clinical research interest are:

  • Neurooncology.
  • Systemic cancer.
  • Microvascular brain disease

My research group is largely focused on methodlogical developments around image analysis with special interests in:

  • Identification, validation and translation of imaging biomarkers for both clinical application and trial studies within my clinical areas of interest.
  •  Identification of the physiological/pathological import of individual imaging biomarkers in research and clinical application.


 CRUK/EPSRC cancer imaging centre in Cambridge and Manchester


I am committed to providing access to novel techniques and biomarkers. As such many of the advanced image analysis approaches which we have developed and described in our publications are available in the open access image analysis package TINA

The TINA image analysis website

The TINA package is an open source image analysis software package supported by ISBE. It contains a considerable number of analysis tools for medical data including tools for:

  • Coregistration of brain images
  • Correction of image intensity heterogeneity due to MRI coil abnormalities
  • Automated assessment of cerebral atrophy from MRI
  • Automatic identification of Taliarach coordinates and Brodman's areas
  • Measurement of regional cortical thickness
  • Measurement of regional cerebral small vessel blood flow from dynamic susceptibility MRI
  • Measurement of contrast transfer coefficient, cerebral blood volume and extravascular extracellular space volume from dynamic T1 weighted images



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