Dr Alain Pluen PhD., B.Sc., M.R.S.C.

Senior Lecturer

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Collaborators and affiliated staff


Manchester (UK)

Divivsion of Pharmacy and Optometry

Dr H Aojula

Dr C Demonacos

Dr Richard Bryce

Prof A McBain


Manchester Integrated Biosciences

Dr Robin Curtis
Dr Alexander Golovanov
Dr Jim Warwicker
Prof A Dickson (Centre of Excellence in Biopharmaceutics (COEBP))
Dr J Burthem
Prof Jeremy Derrick
Dr Egor Zindy

Nottingham (UK)
Dr C Rauch

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Dr Jennifer McNamus

Affiliated staff
  • Dr James Austerberry, BBSRC link MedImmune
  • Mr Sam Chapman, PhD student, CTP with Croda
  • Mr Abdelhamid Eltoukhi, PhD student, peptides delivery.
  • Mrs Fai Alkhathiri, PhD student, graphene suspensions
  • Ms Maria Grecco, EU ITN Marie Curie PhD student 
  • Ms Nicole Sibanda, PhD student, liquid liquid phase separation


  • Dr Catriona McCallion (former PhD student), currently PDRA MIB Manchester
  • Dr Ben Staley (former PhD student) currently working at Actavis.
  • Dr Peter Davis (former PDRA with MedImmune) working at Sheffield University
  • Dr Myasar Al-kotaji (former PhD student), visiting researcher UCL, Head of Pharmaceutics at Mosul University (Iraq).
  • Dr Zahra Hamrang (former PhD student and PDRA) currently working at School of Pharmacy, Strathclyde University.
  • Dr Yamini Arthanari (former PGR student) currently working at Astra Zenecca.
  • Dr Maryam Shah, (former PGR student), currently working at Proveca Ltd
  • Dr Heather Perry. Heather (former PG student, graduated in 2005) currently work for Waters corp.
  • Dr Sylvie Lélu: former PGR student and post-doc (2003-2008). Now Post-doc Institute of Physics National Technological University of Norway
  • Dr Hayley McGlynn: former PGR student. Currently works as a medical writer.
  • Dr Ning Ning former PG  student. Now works at Astra Zenecca.
  • Dr Cyril Rauch: former PDRA. Now lecturer School of Veterinary Sciences, U. of Nottingham, UK
  • Dr Amer Saleh: former PGR student (2004-2008). currently working at Astra Zenecca.
  • Mr Xiaofei Lei (Hank) former Master student. currently undertaking a PhD in Portsmouth