Dr Ajay Halai PhD

Honorary Research Fellow

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Research interests

I am currently working on understanding how neural damage post stroke can result in specific behavioural deficits. In particular, I make use of advanced mathematical techniques to tackle large scale behavioural and neuroimaging data (such as combining principle component analysis with lesion correlation methodology). I am making use of multimodal data (high resolution T1-weighted, diffusion-weighted, resting-state fMRI), in order to build a predictive model that can accurately estimate specific behavioural scores based purely on neuroimaging measures.

Methodological knowledge

fMRI (task-related and rest)

EEG/MEG (ERPs, source analysis and frequency analysis)

Diffusion weighted imaging

Structural and functional connectivity analyses

Data reduction methods (PCA, ICA, etc)

Combining methodologies (EEG-fMRI; PCA-VBCM)


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display