Prof Adrian S. WoolfMA MD

Chair in Paediatric Science

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University of Manchester MB ChB programme

Lead for Phase II Nutrition, Metabolism and Excretion Module (2011-2014)

Congratulations to NA Roberts for his Kidney Research UK Training Fellowsip Biological mechanisms of genetic bladder disease

Congratulations on recently awarded theses

2017 PhD R Coletta (co-supervisor A Morabito) Manipulating growth and differentiation of embryonic intestine in organ culture

2015 PhD HM Stuart (co-supervisor WG Newman) Urofacial syndrome: a genetic model to understand human urinary tract abnormalities

2015 PhD A Gofrehi (second supervisor K Hentges) Microphthalmia genes in mammalian organogenesis

2015 PhD M Randles (primary supervisor R Lennon) Proteomic analyses of kidney glomerular extracelular matrix in health and disease

2015 MRes R Taylor (co-supervisor EN Hilton) The heparanase axis and peripheral neuron regeneration

2015 MRes R Hall (primary supervisor WG Newman) Genetic characterisation of urofacial syndrome and related conditions of the bladder

2016 MRes K Chopra (co-supervisor EN Hilton) Towards modelling congenital bladder disease in a dish.

2016 MRes S Mezher (co-supervisor P Ranjzad) Discovering tissue markers in chronic kidney disease

2016 MRes G Galata (primary supervisor WG Newman, co-supervisors HM Stuart and G Beaman) Bladder voiding dysfunction due to a biallelic CHRM3 variant

2016 MRes A Avrova(primary supervisor SE Herrick and co-supervisor S Namvar) Exploring predisposition to peritoneal fibrosis in two mouse strains

Currently supervised PhD students

E Hindi (primary supervisor NJ Gardiner) Pathogenesis of diabetic urinary bladder disease

F Lopes (second supervisor NJ Gardiner) Novel neurological perspectives on congenital renal tract diseases

T Faris (primary supervisor SJ Kimber) Genetic manipulation of pluripotent stem cells to model kidney disease

Currently supervised MRes students

R Dwivedi (primary supervisor SE Herrick and co-supervisor S Namvar) Clock genes and tissue remodelling.

A Salahi (co-supervisors J Wong and SJ Kimber) Analysing kindeys formed by implanted kidney precursor cells