Prof Adrian S. Woolf MA MD

Chair in Paediatric Science

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Research interests

ORCID ID 0000-0001-5541-1358

Recent grants

 2019 Medical Research Council project grant MR/S02560X/1 (FEC £708,165; MRC contribution £566,532) Defining functional impacts of macrophages in the formation of surgical adhesions. Principal applicant SE Herrick with co-applicants AS Woolf, JE Allen and D Ruckerl.

  Kidney Research UK project grant RP_013_20190305 Epigenetic mechanisms of chronic kidney disease (£160,628). M Tomaszewski, with co-applicants AS Woolf, B Keavney, F Charchar (University of Melbourne), and A Morris (University of Liverpool).

  2019 Medical Research Council Project grant MR/T016809/1 (FeC £602,110; MRC contribution £481,688). Preclinical gene therapy for genetic urinary bladder disease. Principal applicant AS Woolf, with co-applicants NA Roberts, S Waddington (UCL) and FM Lopes.

  2019 Kidneys for Life Grant (£2,500). Art in science project: making zeotropes to show how human kidneys grow and function. With Multifurious Artist Genevieve Tester.

  2019 Kidneys for Life Grant (£9,928). The role of high vascular flow and vascular patterning in tissue engineered renal genesis. Principal applicant JK Wong with co-applicants AS Woolf, SJ Kimber, LY Yong and B Derby

 2020 Kidney Research UK Project Grant Project Grant Paed_RP_005_20190925 (£142,187) The pathophysiology of a congenital bladder disease. Principal Applicant Neil A Roberts, with co-applicants A Gurney, KD McCloskey and AS Woolf

 2020 Kidney Research UK Project Grant Paed_RP_002_20190925 (£136,253) Genetic bases of congenital bladder and lower urinary tract disorders. Principal Applicant WG Newman, with co-applicants AS Woolf, M Cervellione and D Keene.



Methodological knowledge

Anatomy and biology of normal and abnormal renal tract development, differentiation and regeneration.

Genetic and biological studies of autonomic and other peripheral neuropathies.

Novel translational therapies using growth factors and precursor cells.

Models of human disease in animals and human stem cells.


Research and projects