Prof Adrian S. WoolfMA MD

Chair in Paediatric Science

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Research interests

ORCID ID 0000-0001-5541-1358

Recent projects

"UK Regenerative Medicine Platform Safety Hub" With S Williams, S Kimber, R Lennon, MC Asselin, P Ranzjad, I Linnik and I Bantounas. Funded by MRC/BBSRC/EPSRC.

"Exploring whether small bowel can be lengthened in an ex vivo model" With A Morabito and R Coletta. Funded by the CMFT Short Bowel Reseach Fund.

"Using zebrafish to implicate novel genes in the early stages of diabetic kidney disease" With DA Long (UCL), S Wilson (UCL) and M Kolatsi-Joannou (UCL). Funded by Diabetes UK.

"Molecular bases of congenital bladder diseases". With NJ Gardiner, WG Newman, NA Roberts and EN Hilton. Funded by MRC.

"RENALTRACT: novel neurological perspectives on congenital bladder disease". With NJ Gardiner and F Lopes. Funded by Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Initial Training Network.

"Modelling therapies for surgical adhesions". With SE Herrick , S Namvar, B Wilm (Liverpool) and T Wilm (Liverpool). Funded by MRC.

"Towards novel therapies for a genetic congenital neuropathy affecting the urinary bladder". With EN Hilton, WG Newman and SJ Kimber. Funded by Newlife Foundation.

"Molecular characterisation of bladder exstrophy and related disorders of the lower urinary tract" With WG Newman, G Beaman and M Cervellione. Funded by Newlife Foundation

"Predicting novel genes that contribute to human renal tract malformations using a computational machine learning methodology" With K Hentges, A Doig, HM Stuart and M Kabir. Funded by Kids Kidney Research

"Using stem cell technologies to understand human renal tract malformations" With SJ Kimber and I Bantounas. Funded by Kidney Research UK

"Enhancing the vasculature of kidneys formed by transplanted human precursor cells." With JK Wong, SJ Kimber and P Ranjzad. Funded by Kidney Research UK

"First steps to gene therapy for congenital bladder disease." With NA Roberts and  S Waddington (UCL). Funded by Kidney Research UK

"Investigating the renal microvasculature in polycystic kidney disease." With DA Long (UCL). Funded by MRC.

"Translating signals from genome-wide association studies into biological mechanisms of hypertension – expression quantitative trait locus analysis in the human kidney." With M Tomaszewski with co-applicants AS Woolf, J Eales, A Akbarov, C Berzuini, B Keaveney and H Guo. Funded by British Heart Foundation.

Methodological knowledge

Anatomy and biology of normal and abnormal renal tract development, differentiation and regeneration.

Genetic and biological studies of autonomic and other peripheral neuropathies.

Novel translational therapies using growth factors and precursor cells.

Models of human disease in animals and human stem cells.


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