Prof Adrian S. WoolfMA MD

Chair in Paediatric Science

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Collaborators and affiliated staff

University of Manchester and CMFT - Main Collaborators

  • William G. Newman (Professor of Translational Genomic Medicine)
  • Bronwyn Kerr (Professor of Genetics)
  • Helen Stuart (NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer)
  • Edward A McKenzie (Senior Experimental Officer)
  • Emma N. Hilton (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  • Neil A. Roberts (Kidney Research UK Research Fellow)
  • Rachel Lennon (Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow)
  • Sarah E. Herrick (Senior Lecturer)
  • Natalie J. Gardiner (Lecturer in Neurobiology)
  • Raimondo M. Cervellione (Paediatric Urologist).
  • Antonino Morabito (Paediatric Surgeon)
  • Susan Kimber (Professor of Stem Cells and Development)
  • Jason Wong (Consultant in Plastic Surgery)
  • Abul Siddiky (NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Surgery)

External Institutes - Main Collaborators

University of Liverpool, UK: Patricia Murray, Bettina Wilm and Kevin Park

Newcastle University, UK: Judith A Goodship, Timothy HJ Goodship, Heather J Cordell and Heather J Lambert

UK Vesicoureteric Reflux Study Group and DNA Bank

UCL Institute of Child Health, London, UK: David A Long, Paul JD Winyard, Jennifer Huang and Jenny Papakrivopoulou

CNRS, Marseille, France: Laurent Fasano

University of Essen, Germany: Steffi Weber

University of Umea, Sweden: Hakan Hedman