Dr Abid Khan

Research Associate

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Research interests

I established and head a research collaboration on investigating the role and modulation of chemokine receptors in tumour progression and metastasis using pre-clinical in-vivo tumour models. This includes a multidisciplinary approach towards the development of novel small molecular chemokine receptor antagonists as potential new anti-cancer drug entities and how such therapeutic entities can be combined with traditional radio/chemo therapy for a more effective treatment against cancer. This is coupled with ongoing investigation of the biology of the chemokine system for its pro-tumourigenic and immunno-modulatory effects on the tumour microenvironment, potentiating the use of such drug entities to counteract resistance to immunotherapeutics in particular oncology of high unmet need.
There is also ongoing work developing this class of compounds as novel radiopharmaceutical "Theranostic" agents for non-invasive imaging (PET) of targets and then therapeutic intervention.

Methodological knowledge

Orthotopic xenograft solid tumour in-vivo models inc Patient derived Xenografts (PDX) and irradiated models

Quantitative metastasis burden to other organs inc. Lungs

Tumour profiling inc. Vascularisation, hypoxia, host cell infiltration inc. CSCs and other inflammatory biomarkers

Radiation impact on cancer cell function

Radiation impact on cancer cell protein expression profile

In-vivo drug dosing

Clonogenic tissue assays

Bio-imaging (GFP)



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