Dr Abdullatif Alfutimie

Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

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Research interests

Research focus has been on the formulation and stabilisation of dispersed systems. I have keen interest in furthering the current understanding of the phase behaviour of lipid colloids associated with the optimisation of food and pharmaceutical processing.   

I am also interested in framework materials (e.g. metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and zeolites) for water and soil treatment. I endeavor to apply state-of-the-art techniques in an inter-disciplinary fashion to achieve my aims. My approach entails the integration of theory and experimentalism on the interface between science and industry.

Herein, I spotlight my research interests and future directions.

During my doctoral and postdoctoral research, I have had the honor to work with Professor Gordon Tiddy and Dr Robin Curtis. A recent research focus has been on food surfactant liquid crystals. My academic achievement in this context is highly relevant to advanced formulation, food colloid, drug delivery physical chemistry and analytical science. The findings of my studies were published as peer-reviewed research papers, conference papers and book chapters.  

As a research associate at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, I have also intensively worked on the aggregation of proteins to study the effectiveness of small peptides at preventing the aggregation of Myoglobin in vitro. Subsequently, in my post as a research associate at the CEAS, UoM, I worked with colleagues on the development of a new class of liquid crystals; with myriad pharmaceutical and industrial applications. This was a novel project in liaison with 4 universities, UoM, Durham University, Hull University and Leeds University. This opportunity gave me the ability to work collaboratively as part of a big team. 

Future research plans

My motivation is strongly driven by industrial requirements with a strong interest in porous materials such as zeolites, water treatment and gas capture by metal-organic framework, crystallization of myoglobin and presently heat shock proteins. 

I have been involved in both types of research: Theoretical and experimental. My focus presently will be on proposing a new framework for bridging the gap between theory and analysis across natural sciences. Specifically, I am investing time and efforts in the development and implementation of a novel application of ion-exchange via zeolites to tackle heavy metal pollution; this is being done in collaboration with colleagues from the Biological Sciences, UoM.


Research and projects

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