Visceral hypersensitivity in endometriosis: A new target for treatment?

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  • B. Issa
  • T. S. Onon
  • A. Agrawal
  • C. Shekhar
  • J. Morris


Objective: In women presenting to gynaecological clinics with lower abdominal pain, the cause is frequently attributed to endometriosis irrespective of whether it is found to be minimal or extensive at laparoscopy. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is also common in this setting, and it was speculated that the visceral hypersensitivity associated with this condition might be amplifying the symptoms of endometriosis. Methods: Visceral sensitivity to balloon distension, symptoms and psychological status were assessed following laparoscopy in 20 women with minimal to mild endometriosis, 20 with moderate to severe endometriosis, 20 with laparoscopy negative abdominal pain and 20 asymptomatic women undergoing laparoscopic sterilisation who acted as controls, and compared with 20 women with IBS. Results: Compared with controls, patients with minimal to mild and moderate to severe endometriosis had a higher prevalence of symptoms consistent with IBS (0% vs 65% and 50%, respectively, p

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Publication statusPublished - Mar 2012