Using ASAR & ERS-2 to Detect a Moorland Fire Scar in the Peak District National Park

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This paper presents results of research to test the capability of ERS-2 and ASAR data to detect the 7 km2 18th April 2003 Bleaklow fire scar in the Peak District National Park (PDNP) in the UK against GPS mapping just after the fire event. Archival time-series Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery from the European Space Agency (ESA) was supplied by the Landmap Service, Mimas National Data Centre. Using SARScape 4.2, C-band ASAR and ERS 2 data were pre-processed to produce intensity and coherence images. The paper will report on: (a) the effect of filtering methods during pre-processing to the image results; (b) whether the fire scar exhibited a high level of coherence between images compared to the surrounding vegetation (Dahdal et al., 2009); (c) the effect of spatial scale on the results when deriving land cover classes for analysis, and (d) the effect of precipitation/groundwater on backscatter results.

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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - May 2011
Event5th Int Conference on Wildland Fire - South Africa
Event duration: 9 May 201113 May 2011


Conference5th Int Conference on Wildland Fire
CitySouth Africa
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