User acceptance of AI advice in the context of collaborative supply chains formation

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The future manufacturing vision behindIndustry 4.0 identifies businesscollaboration as one of the core enablersof the new industrial paradigm [1]. Ourteam at the University of Manchester worksclosely with automotive and aerospacemanufacturers to develop an advancedknowledge-driven configurator system [2]that advises its users with whichbusinesses to partner to “catch” a specificbusiness opportunity. The users of oursystem are of course the key to its uptakeand impact. We therefore need tounderstand the key factors which makethem accept recommendations from such asystem, and their relationships, creating afactor model of advice acceptance.We aim to answer this research question:What are the important factors influencingusers’ acceptance of advice coming out ofa knowledge-based system in the contextof business collaboration?

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Publication statusPublished - 2019
EventNetwork Plus: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age Conference 2019: Designing a Connected Future - The University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom
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ConferenceNetwork Plus: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age Conference 2019
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