The three domains of value: Why IL practitioners must take a holistic approach

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In the creation of knowledge, a range of resources (including information, technologies, people and prior knowledge) are used, but these resources have to be filtered. Sometimes this filtering is done by us, but often it is done for us, through things like pre-defined procedures, ways of thinking, curricula and so on. The values which drive such filtering are subjective, objective, and intersubjective, and each domain is important as without it we will experience pathologies of information processing: groupthink, counterknowledge and relativism respectively. Information skills and information literacy practitioners need to be aware of the different impacts of these domains of value if their teaching is to be successful in combating 'information obesity' - the failure to use information and learning to sustain the ecology of resources which are available to individuals.

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Publication statusPublished - 10 Sep 2010
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