The Modified Power Function Distribution

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Recently, a lot of new, improved, exible and robust probability distributions have been developed from the existing distributions to encourage their applications in diverse fields. This paper proposes a new lifetime distribution called the Modified Power function (MPF) distribution, the distribution belongs to the Marshall-Olkin-G family of distribution and its an extension of the one parameter Power function distribution. The MPF distribution enjoys a close form distributional expression. Some of its statistical properties including possible transformations are presented. The paper suggests the use of maximum likelihood method of parameter estimation for estimating the parameters of the new distribution. The applicability of the distribution was illustrated with two real data sets and its goodness-of-fit was compared with that of the Exponential, Weibull, Lindley Exponential, Exponentiated Exponential, Kumaraswamy, Power function and Beta distributions by using the AIC, AICc,
CAIC, BIC, HQC, W* and A* goodness-of-t measures and the results shows that the MPF distribution is the best candidate for the data sets.

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Original languageEnglish
JournalCogent Mathematics
Early online date18 Apr 2017
StatePublished - 2017