The influence of culture on the sustainable entrepreneur: an investigation into fashion entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

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Research on sustainable luxury fashion has increased markedly in the last couple of decades, allowing academics to combine entrepreneurship and sustainable development Sustainable luxury is a focus for cultures, values, traditions and needs. Additionally, socio-cultural norms encourage female fashion entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia to be more sustainable by employing social and cultural norms in their designs. Fashion plays a key part in Saudi culture. There are numerous garments that have remained popular for long periods, as a result of the exclusive fabrics being used in their creation, the cultural heritage of the country, and the artisan handicrafts employed. Traditional handloom garments are acknowledged as an important part in the sector. In fact, one of the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 which encourages sustainability states that it should ‘establish itself as a dynamic leader in fashion by preserving traditional national customs while developing the next-generation of Saudi designers, and sustainable practices that can compete on a global level’. The aim of this particular chapter is to explore the part that female entrepreneurs play in the field of luxury fashion industries and in striving to achieve Saudi Vision 2030 in relation to sustainability and reviving fashion heritage. This is an exploratory chapter. The authors have used academic literature together with qualitative (semi-structured interviews) conducted with Saudi female entrepreneurs with the aim of attaining a greater understanding of luxury and opinions concerning cultural heritage and sustainability.

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