The European Fund for the Creation of Youth Employment vis-a-vis CFREU Solidarity rights: Relationship and potential impact

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  • Authors:
  • Fotis Vergis


The chapter looks into the background of the ‘European Fund for the Creation of Youth Employment’ (EFE) policy proposal, which was developed upon the original relevant May 2013 Franco-German initiative to address youth unemployment, before turning to assess the final proposal's possible legal ramifications.
It explores the hypothetical potential for the EFE to have any substantive legal impact on the interpretation of EU law and, more specifically, of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the European Union. However, both as a matter of correct interpretative methodology and due to the clear constitutional architecture of the EU legal system, the piece suggests that it is the EFE that ought to be judged against the standards set by the CFREU and EU primary law rather than the other way around. Hence, the relevant issues as to compatibility of the EFE compatibility with Union law are also discussed.

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