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    Growing a circular economy with fungal biotechnology: a white paper

    Meyer, V., Basenko, E. Y., Benz, J. P., Braus, G. H., Caddick, M. X., Csukai, M., de Vries, R. P., Endy, D., Frisvad, J. C., Gunde-Cimerman, N., Haarmann, T., Hadar, Y., Hansen, K., Johnson, R. I., Keller, N. P., Kraševec, N., Mortensen, U. H., Perez, R., Ram, A. F. J., Record, E. & 7 others, Ross, P., Shapaval, V., Steiniger, C., van den Brink, H., van Munster, J., Yarden, O. & Wösten, H. A. B., 2 Apr 2020, In: Fungal biology and biotechnology. 7, p. 5

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    Has the commodore steered the fleet onto the rocks? Biotechnology and the requirement for industrial applicability

    Odell-West, A., Sep 2013, In: Intellectual Property Quarterly. 4

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    ISO 23494: Biotechnology - Provenance Information Model for Biological Specimen and Data

    Wittner, R., Holub, P., Müller, H., Geiger, J., Goble, C., Soiland-Reyes, S., Pirredu, L., Frexia, F., Mascia, C., Fairweather, E., Swedlow, J. R., Moore, J., Strambio, C., Zanetti, G., Grunwald, D. & Nakae, H., 9 Jul 2021, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Nature, Vol. 12839. p. 222-225 4 p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science).

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    Between mice and sheep: biotechnology, agricultural science and animal models in late twentieth century Edinburgh

    García-Sancho, M. & Myelnikov, D., 2019, In: Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C :Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

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    Cultural and Social Objections to Biotechnology: Analysis of the Arguments, with Special Reference to the Views of Young People

    Hayry, M., Häyry, H., Chadwick, R. (ed.), Levitt, M. (ed.) & Whitelegg, M. (ed.), 1996, a report to the Commission of the European Communities. Centre for Professional Ethics

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    Voluntary disclosure and its impact on share prices: Evidence from the UK biotechnology sector

    Dedman, E., Lin, S. W. J., Prakash, A. J. & Chang, C. H., May 2008, In: Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. 27, 3, p. 195-216 21 p.

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    Un/natural Creation(s): Posthumanism, Biotechnology, and Exploring the (Place in) Nature of Humans and Artificial Life

    Midson, S., 2017, The Ethics of Nature and the Nature of Ethics. Keogh, G. (ed.). Lexington Books, p. 87-101

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    Baseline Assessment of the Public Research System in Ireland in the areas of Biotechnology and Information and Communication Technologies

    Stroyan, J., Flanagan, K., Visser, M., Thuriaux, B., Arnold, E., Boden, M., Cunningham, P., Östling, A., Teather, S., Whitehouse, S. & Raan, A. V., Aug 2002, Dublin, Ireland: Forfas. 129 p.

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    Cuts and the cutting edge: British science funding and the making of animal biotechnology in 1980s Edinburgh

    Myelnikov, D., 1 Dec 2017, In: British Journal for the History of Science. 50, 4, p. 701–728 28 p.

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    Global and local implications of biotechnology and climate change for future food supplies

    Cousins, P. & Evenson, R. E., 25 May 1999, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 96, 11, p. 5921-5928 7 p.

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