Reconciliation with nature: Adorno on reason, nature and critique

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In this paper I interrogate the actuality of Adorno’s concept of nature in the light of the contemporary environmental crisis. In particular, I try to understand what happens to the critical force of Adorno’s concept of nature if we accept that a decisive turn has been taken in the domination of nature. I articulate two key aspects of Adorno’s critical theory that I think are important resources for thinking in a time of potential environmental catastrophe, which are the themes of a dialectical understanding of reason and nature and the theme of “lifeless life”. I then question whether two key mediating concepts in Adorno’s dialectic, namely the concepts of self-reflection and self-preservation, need to be rethought. Finally, I consider how the concept of a reconciliation with nature, a concept central to the first generation of the Frankfurt school, can be thought anew in an era marked by ever increasing human domination of nature.

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JournalAdorno Studies
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2019