PRINTS and its automatic supplement, prePRINTS

  • External authors:
  • P. Bradley
  • D. R. Flower
  • A. Gaulton
  • N. Maudling
  • A. L. Mitchell
  • A. Nordle
  • K. Paine
  • P. Taylor
  • A. Uddin
  • C. Zygouri


  1. PRINTS and InterPro – online resources that facilitate discovery of pharmaceutical and commercially relevant information in proteomic and genomic data-sets

    Terri Attwood (Participant), Alexander Mitchell (Participant), Jane Mabey (Participant), Mike Croning (Participant), Phil Scordis (Participant), Paul Bradley (Participant), Ala Uddin (Participant), Julian Selley (Participant), Neil Maudling (Participant), George Moulton (Participant), Anna Gaulton (Participant) & William Wright (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Health and wellbeing, Technological

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