Marketing translation services internationally: Exploiting IT to achieve a smart network

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The global market for translation services is extremely fragmented. There are a small number of large companies including Bowne global solutions and Lionbridge, but the largest five companies account for less than 5% of the worldwide market and there are literally thousands of extremely small companies and individuals offering different types of translation services around the world, often in a very limited geographic range. Large companies rarely co-ordinate their global requirements and consequently use different translation services suppliers in different divisions and geographic regions. "Thebigword" company ( recognised that in order to escape severe local price competition and commoditization of its own translation services it needed to differentiate its services and offer them on a global scale to international customers. This paper describes how it is implementing its strategy in terms of distinctive product offerings based on the innovative use of IT and the re-design of business relationships with customers to create smart translation networks. © Springer Berlin · Heidelberg 2005.

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