Ischemia in broca area is associated with broca aphasia more reliably in acute than in chronic stroke

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  • Elisa Ochfeld
  • Melissa Newhart
  • John Molitoris
  • Richard Leigh
  • Cameron Davis
  • Jennifer Crinion
  • Argye E. Hillis


Background and Purpose-We aimed to determine if ischemia involving Broca area predicts Broca aphasia more reliably in acute or chronic stroke. Methods-We included consecutive right-hand-dominant patients with left hemisphere ischemic stroke (6 months after stroke for chronic stroke). MRI scans were analyzed for ischemic lesions or hypoperfusion in Broca area (Brodmann areas 44 and 45). Patients were scored on the Western Aphasia Battery to classify aphasia syndromes; χ tests were used to identify significant associations. Results-The presence of infarct involving any part of Broca area and the presence of Broca or global aphasia was much stronger in acute (χ=38.1; df1; P

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Publication statusPublished - Feb 2010