Integrating knowledge on green infrastructure, health and well-being in ageing populations: Principles for research and practice

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Ageing and urbanisation pose significant challenges for public health and urban planning. Ageing populations are at particular risk from hazards arising from urbanisation processes, some of which are in turn exacerbated by climate change. One approach for mitigating the negative effects of urbanisation on ageing populations is the leveraging of the beneficial effects of urban green
infrastructure as a public health intervention in the planning process. We assessed the potential of available theoretical frameworks to provide the context for such leverage. This involved active engagement with academics and practitioners specialising in ageing, green infrastructure and health and well-being through a knowledge-brokering approach. We concluded that an integrated and comprehensive framework on the socio-cultural-ecological determinants of health is lacking. To address this, we present a set of principles for overcoming challenges to knowledge integration when working at the intersection of green infrastructure, ageing, health and well-being. Our findings – and the co-production process used to generate them - have wider significance for trans-disciplinary research into the benefits of the natural environment to human health and well-being as well as other complex and inter-connected topics associated with global grand challenges.

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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 6 Aug 2022