European enlargement as the way for EU to compete in the modern world

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The world we dwell in is more complex and changeable then it was years ago. Different nations are bound together economically and politically by the decisions of their leaders, business elites, and sometimes societies themselves. People begin to think globally. Integration has become an integral part of foreign policy strategies of all countries, which want to “stay in game”. The most developed parts of the planet have formed great integrated blocks; they compete with each other and leave at the periphery states, which are not their members. Many scientists believe in the possibility of totally integrated world. And if this comes true, we should take into account, that still there are huge differences between countries, so, if the world is going to be united, the problem of choosing some global values rises. Then the block of the most integrated and influential countries has bigger chances to take the leading role in the process. Thinking of such an organization, the EU comes into the mind. From the author’s point of view, it is the most democratic and successful form of integration in the present world. The aim of the article is to persuade, that strong integration processes do exist in the world, global superpowers increase their influence and struggle to be the first; that is why the EU should be also competitive and further enlargement can be a good way in this direction. From the author’s point of view, EU’s integration with more countries can help it to take the leadership in possible uniting the world.

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