Environment and children’s everyday lives in India and England: Exploring children’s situated perspectives on global-local environmental concerns

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Today’s children are growing up in an age of global environmental concern, yet amidst important differences in household, regional and country-level exposures to environmental hazards. This chapter draws on data generated through multi-method PhD research in varied socio-economic contexts within India and England to analyse the discursive and embodied ways that children come into contact with, make sense of and assess their agency to address ‘global’ environmental concerns in situated contexts. It argues that children’s situated experiences and interpretations trouble a binary between global and local concerns, demonstrating how forms of environmental vulnerability map onto wider socio-spatial vulnerabilities whilst revealing overarching similarities in the ways that children’s structural positioning affects their agency to speak and act. The chapter presents children’s local-global environmental concerns as an area of enquiry with ample potential to progress what Punch (2016) describes as ‘cross-world’ childhood scholarship.

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