Development and initial testing of a theoretically informed mobile application to monitor and support the performance and psychosocial function of personnel in remote operational environments 

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Drawing upon regulatory flexibility and self-determination theory, this research aimed to develop and test a mobile application for monitoring and supporting performance and psychosocial function in remote operational environments.

Three mixed method studies were conducted.

Study one included 36 participants who took part in either a focus group (N=27) or validation task (N=9). In study two, 31 participants were involved in online usability interviews and 11 responded to a survey. Study three tested the application with two participants on a 60-day expedition in Arctic Greenland. Qualitative findings were analysed using content analysis techniques. Descriptives were computed for quantitative data. Findings from study three were examined using single subject design methods.

Study one generated 188 unique insights covering stressors (N=123) and critical monitoring variables (N=65). Validation indicated this material was comprehensive (Mcompleteness=9; scale 1-10). Aligned with underpinning theory, study one findings informed the design of a mobile application. Study two generated 24 theoretically informed themes related to interface, task, behaviour and general work-life elements of the application. The application was rated as usable/functional (M=5.85; scale 1-7), and supportive of flexibility (M=4.27; scale 1-5) and psychological needs (M=3.83; scale 1-5). Study three showed the application works off-grid. Findings also offered insight to daily dynamics in markers of field-based performance and psychosocial function and the utility of support provided by the application.

The application developed as part of this work was considered usable and functional and provides a valid tool for monitoring and supporting personnel in remote operational environments. Future opportunities are discussed.

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Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBritish Psychology Society Defence and Security Conference
Publication statusPublished - 4 May 2021