Crystal structure of catena-poly[hemi[1,3-bis(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)imidazolium] [[μ3-acetato-κ3 O:O:O'-tri-μ2-acetato-κ6 O:O'-dicopper(II)(Cu-Cu)]-μ-chlorido] dichloromethane sesquisolvate]

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The title copper(II) complex, {(C27H37N2)​[Cu4(CH3COO)​8Cl]​·3CH2Cl2}​n, is a one-​dimensional coordination polymer. The asym. unit is composed of a copper(II) tetraacetate paddle-​wheel complex, a Cl-​ anion situated on a twofold rotation axis, half a 1,​3-​bis(2,​6-​diisopropylphenyl)​imidazolium cation (the whole mol. being generated by twofold rotation symmetry) and one and a half of a dichloromethane solvent mol. (one being located about a twofold rotation axis)​. The central metal-​org. framework comprises of a tetranuclear copper(II) acetate 'paddle-​wheel' complex which arises from the dimerization of the copper(II) tetraacetate core comprising of three μ2-​bidentate acetate and one μ3-​tridentate acetate ligands per binuclear paddle-​wheel complex. Both CuII atoms of the binuclear component adopt a distorted square-​pyramidal coordination geometry (τ = 0.04)​, with a Cu···Cu sepn. of 2.6016 (2) Å. The apical coordination site of one CuII atom is occupied by an O atom of a neighboring acetate bridge [Cu-​O = 2.200 (2) Å]​, while that of the second CuII atom is occupied by a bridging chloride ligand [Cu···Cl = 2.4364 (4) Å]​. The chloride bridge is slightly bent with respect to the Cu···Cu internuclear axis [Cu-​Cl-​Cu = 167.06 (6)​°] and the tetranuclear units are located about a twofold rotation axis, forming the one-​dimensional polymer that propagates along [101]​. Charge neutrality is maintained by the inclusion of the 1,​3-​bis(2,​6-​diisopropylphenyl)​imidazolium cation within the crystal lattice. In the crystal, the cation and dichloromethane solvent mols. are linked to the coordination polymer by various C-​H···O and C-​H···Cl hydrogen bonds. There are no other significant intermol. interactions present.

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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)m148-m149
JournalActa Crystallographica. Section E: Structure Reports Online
StatePublished - 25 Jul 2015