Chemosensor, its method of manufacture, and a method for the selective detection of analytes

Research output: Patent

  • External authors:
  • Jonathan Behrendt (Inventor)
  • Marion Sofia Wrackmeyer (Inventor)
  • Barbara Urasinska-Wojcik (Inventor)
  • Debasmita Das (Inventor)
  • Jesse Opoku (Inventor)
  • Laurent Jeannin (Inventor)


This invention provides a sensor device for selectively detecting an analyte, comprising an organic field-effect transistor comprising an organic polymeric semiconductor layer connecting a source electrode and a drain electrode, and further comprising a gate electrode separated from said organic polymeric semiconductor layer by a dielectric layer, wherein said organic field-effect transistor further comprises an oligopeptide recognition sequence having from 4 to 12 amino-acids which is selective with respect to, or has selective affinity for, the analyte. This invention further provides a method to produce said sensor device, and a method for detecting an analyte by operating said sensor device.

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Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 20 Jan 2016