Case notes and clinicians: Galen's commentary on the hippocratic Epidemics in the Arabic tradition

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Galen's Commentaries on the Hippocratic Epidemics constitute one of the most detailed studies of Hippocratic medicine from Antiquity. The Arabic translation of the Commentaries by H{dot below}unayn ibn Ish{dot below}ȧq (d. c. 873) is of crucial importance because it preserves large sections now lost in Greek, and because it helped to establish an Arabic clinical literature. The present contribution investigate the translation of this seminal work into Syriac and Arabic. It provides a first survey of the manuscript tradition, and explores how physicians in the medieval Muslim world drew on it both to teach medicine to students, and to develop a framework for their own clinical research. © 2008 Cambridge University Press.

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JournalArabic Sciences and Philosophy
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Publication statusPublished - 2008