Analyzing Controller and Device Interactions in Hybrid Transmission Networks with High Penetration of Renewable Energy - A Review

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Large, converter-based, renewable energy generation devices will be incorporated into future power systems. This may lead to undesirable interactions between the new and existing conventional power devices. While many papers have analyzed the specific impacts of the integration of the converter-based devices, no previous paper has reviewed the current progress on research into the interactions within mixed complex AC/DC grids with considerable renewable energy. This paper classifies the current research about the interactions in a mixed complex AC/DC network with high penetration of renewable resources examined from two aspects: (i) the problems and issues that have been analyzed; and (ii) the methodological analysis techniques used. Based on this structured review, the current research gaps with respect to the analysis of interactions in networks with considerable renewable energy sources are identified and analyzed, and suggestions for future research are proposed.

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Title of host publication2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech, PowerTech 2021 - Conference Proceedings
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Publication statusPublished - 28 Jun 2021
Event2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech, PowerTech 2021 - Madrid, Spain
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Name2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech, PowerTech 2021 - Conference Proceedings


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