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ACCEPTABILITY AND USABILITY OF EVIDENCE BASED EXERGAMES DESIGNED TO IMPROVE FUNCTION IN OLDER PEOPLEE.K. Stanmore1, C. Todd1, D.A. Skelton2, 1. University of Manchester, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom, 2. School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work., University of Manchester, UK., Manchester, United KingdomSpecific strength and balance exercises can reduce falls and improve physical function in older people. But there is low uptake and adherence to exercise programmes in the home setting. To overcome these barriers, six strength and balance Exergames (computer games incorporating seven Otago strength and balance exercises with visual feedback and statistical monitoring) were developed in collaboration with older people and physiotherapists. This mixed methods study involved two inter-related phases: Phase one: Four focus groups with 75 older people and 16 physiotherapists were undertaken to gain their views on the design, usability and acceptability of the Exergames. Phase two: A feasibility pilot study was conducted to evaluate the usability and acceptability of the Exergames. Eligible particpants were recruited to a case (n=14) or control group (n=10). Exergame therapy involved 12 weeks supported home use with the frequency, duration and levels of difficulty set according to individual needs and progression. Assessments were completed at baseline, 6, 12 weeks. Participants undertook validated physical checks and completed questionnaires to identify demographics, history of falls, health status, levels of function, and other clinical measures.Fingings suggest that Exergames may be feasible and acceptable for older people to use in a home setting with support from a physiotherapist. Involving users in the design of the Exergames is essential for uptake and continued use of the exergame technology. Important information was yielded for the planning of a future full study including projected recruitment rate and extent of physiotherapist and research nurse support required.

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