A "melanopic" spectral efficiency function predicts the sensitivity of melanopsin photoreceptors to polychromatic lights

  • External authors:
  • Jazi Al Enezi
  • Victoria Revell
  • Jonathan Wynne
  • Luc Schlangen


  1. Re-designing artificial lights to suit our biological needs

    Robert Lucas (Participant), Emma Tarttelin (Participant), James Bellingham (Participant), Gurprit Lall (Participant), Victoria Revell (Participant), Timothy Brown (Participant), Jazi Al-Enezi (Participant) & Annette Allen (Participant)

    Impact: Health impacts, Technological impacts

  2. A new international lighting standard that meets our biological needs

    Robert Lucas (Participant), Timothy Brown (Participant), Annette Allen (Participant) & Helena Bailes (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Health and wellbeing, Society and culture, Economic

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