A hydrodynamic approach to the measurement of the permeability of small molecules across artificial membranes

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An in situ analytical approach to the measurement of supported liquid membrane permeability is reported. The method consists of a spectrophotometric method to measure transport through a membrane-supported lipid solution, using a rotating-diffusion cell configuration to overcome limits arising from transport through the aqueous solution boundary layer in stationary systems. Rotation frequencies are almost two orders of magnitude higher than those employed previously for rotating-diffusion studies of membrane transport. The method is illustrated with the transport of warfarin [1-(4′-hydroxy-3′- coumarinyl)-1-phenyl-3-butanone]. The use of the rotating-diffusion approach permits accurate calculation of the aqueous phase boundary layer thickness, which has hitherto been treated as an adjustable parameter in studies of membrane permeability. Further, it is shown that the analyte diffusion coefficient can be determined readily using liquid-liquid electrochemistry. © The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Publication statusPublished - 2008