A comparison of a first and final year UG enterprise unit: lessons from experiential learning and interdisciplinarity

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Drawing from several years of experience,this work describes lessons learnt in designing, delivering and assessing two interdisciplinary enterprise units offered to undergraduate students from any discipline studying at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom(UK). Both units are electives(optional). One unit is delivered to first year undergraduate students whereas the other unit is delivered tofinal year undergraduate students. Experiential learning and interdisciplinary cohorts are core aspects of both units. Students work on ‘real-world’ projects to develop a credible creative solution to a tight dead-line. In this paper, findings are drawn from data collectedfrom staff and teaching assistantsobservations, students’reflective diaries and students’ feedback. Findingsshowedthat in general, students at both levels, year 1 and year 3/4, regarded the experienceaschallenging at first dueto the ‘unusual’ learning environment when compared to the education that most studentshave experienced prior to the units here discussed. However, most students regarded highly the interdisciplinary experiential learning experience. Thispaper contributes to the growth of knowledge and aids understanding of how experiential learning and interdisciplinarityhave been effectively combined and introduced in the university curriculum. Although this work focusses on enterprise education, theexperience-based guidancedescribed is also applicable to a much wider range of situations and academic areas of study.

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Journal International conference in Higher Education Advances (HEAd')
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