A common precursor for glia and neurons in the embryonic CNS of Drosophila gives rise to segment-specific lineage variants

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The nervous system consists of two classes of cells, neurons and glia, which differ in morphology and function. They derive from precursors located in the neurogenic region of the ectoderm. In this study, we present the complete embryonic lineage of a neuroectodermal precursor in Drosophila that gives rise to neurons as well as glia in the abdominal CNS. This lineage is conserved among different Drosophila species. We show that neuronal and glial cell types in this clone derive from one segregating precursor, previously described as NB1-1. Thus, in addition to neuroblasts and glioblasts, there exists a third class of CNS precursors in Drosophila, which we call neuroglioblasts. We further show that the NB 1-1 lineage exhibits characteristic segment-specific differences on the cellular level.

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Publication statusPublished - Jul 1993