Improving research infrastructure on social assistance in low and middle income countries

Project: Research


  1. 2019
  2. Published

    The Role of Social Assistance in Reducing Poverty and Inequality in Asia and the Pacific

    Barrientos, A., Sep 2019, Manila: Asian Development Bank, 30 p. (ADB SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Working Paper Series; no. 62).

    Research output: Working paper

  3. Published

    Does a general theory of welfare institutions explain the expansion of social assistance in low and middle income countries?

    Barrientos, A., 2019, Bremen: SOCIUM, 17 p. (SOCIUM - SFB 1342 Working Papers).

    Research output: Working paper

  4. 2018
  5. Published

    The informational basis of emerging social assistance in low and middle-income countries

    Barrientos, A., Feb 2018, 978-1-909336-57-5: University of Manchester, (GDI Working Paper Series).

    Research output: Working paper

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