Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE)


The aim of CoDE is to transform current understanding of the contemporary patterning of ethnic inequalities.

Our broad aims are to:

• Use empirical evidence to inform our understanding of ethnic inequalities and its drivers in relation to key domains;
• Increase the capacity of the social science community to engage in this challenging multi-level empirical work using interdisciplinary, mixed-method and comparative approaches;
• Make the evidence we produce, and the data used to generate that evidence, accessible to both policy and research communities, as well as to the broader public;
• Work with institutions to assess, challenge and enhance their practices of monitoring and addressing ethnic inequalities in employment and in service provision.

Our work comprises six overlapping research specialisms exploring long-term changes in ethnic identity:

• Ethnic categorisations and mobilisations
• Everyday experiences of identity
• Health and well being
• Political and civic participation
• Racism and discrimination
• Social and geographical mobility
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