Achieving inclusive cities through scaling up participatory planning in Africa

Internal description

Research Project Grant [RPG]


The network aims to develop the knowledge required to move from participatory community-led neighbourhood planning to city-scale planning processes. The aims and objectives of the project are critical to achieving inclusive urban futures.

1.Develop frameworks that build on effective approaches of community-led planning for informal settlement, upgrading at the neighbourhood level, and then scaling these to the city level.
2. Locate these frameworks within traditions of alternative planning including participatory co-productive planning, participatory planning and action planning thus strengthening the critical mass of people-centred approaches supporting inclusive urban development. This component will elaborate why grassroots organisations make a substantive contribution to inclusive urban development and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.
3. Develop a framework that enables the integration of community understandings and innovations with academic and professional knowledge.
Short titleR:HDD HDZ/Leverhulme/Mitlin15
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/19