Lead, Paediatric Haem-Onc, Greater Manchester Research Alliance
Chief Investigator, ALL R3 (International Phase III clinical trial, relapsed ALL); EsPhALL ( European Phase III clinical trials, Ph+ ALL) ; BioEnvIII (European Phase II trial of Clofarabine in relapsed ALL)
Trial Coordinator, Leukaemia Lymphoma Division, UK Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group;
Trial Coordinator, International BFM Resistant Disease Group - design and launch of international collaborative trial in relapsed and refractory leukemia. 

Member (by invitation), International BFM Biology and Diagnosis Committee
Member, Leukaemia Research Fund Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel.

Invited speaker: UK National Cancer Research Network, 2007 - Novel Pathways for drug resistance; International Society of Paediatric Oncology, 2007 - Relapsed ALL; International Society of Paediatric Oncology, 2006 - Clofarabine in Childhood ALL; 5th Annual Meeting of the Malaysian and Singapore Pediatric Haem Onc Society, 2005 - Childhood ALL; 15th National Congress, Hellenic Society of Hematology, 2004 - Genetics of ALL

Faculty of a 1000 of Medicine, 2005;

Malati Jadhav Award (for distinguished service to paediatrics), Indian Academy of Paediatrics, 2006;

Visiting Professor, University of Malaysia, 2006

2000-2005 Program Grant, Cancer Research UK £215,000 pa for 5 years
2002-2004 Project Grant, Cancer Research UK, £45,000 pa for 3 years
2006-2011 Program Grant, Cancer Research UK, £650,000 pa for 5 years
2001-2004 Clinical Fellowship, Barts and the London, £45,000 pa for 3 years
2004-2007 Project Grant Bioenvision, £55,000 pa for 3-years
2005-2009 Project Grant Leukaemia Research Fund, £45,000 pa for 4 years

Collaborators and affiliated staff

Clinical Trials Manager

Catriona Parker

Postdoctoral Fellows

Clare Dempsey, Anindita Dutta, Debdutta Ganguli

Graduate Student


Medical Student



Katie Craven

Memberships of committees and professional bodies

Royal College of Paeditrics and Child Health

Royal College of Pathology

British Society of Haematology

American Society of Haematology

Methodological knowledge

1. Trial Design and Analyses

2. Bioinformatics for gene expression, SNP and proteomic analyses

3. Biobanking

4. Molecular Biology


Within the University I am a group leader conducting laboratory based research at the Paterson Institute. I also serve on the Cancer Education Committee. Nationally and Internationally, I am the Chief Investigator of a number of international clinical trials in childhood leukaemia. I am also a member of the Leukaemia Research Fund Medical and Scientific Panel.



Research interests


Trained PBL Tutor

Examiner. Paediatric Postgraduate Examinations University of Malaysia

Examiner, Undergraduate Examinations, University of Malta

Co-Editor "Paediatrics" Textbook for Undergraduates, Harcourt Brace, 2nd ed 2005

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