Visiting address:
Oxford Road
1.052 Stopford Building

Phone: 0161 27 54680


The University of Cambridge, UK 1987-1990 Natural Sciences (BA Hons Pathology)

The University of Manchester, UK 1994 - 1998 PhD Microbiology

Central Public Health Laboratory (now HPA), Colindale, London, UK Clinical Scientist 1998-1999

UMIST, UK Postdoc 1999-2002 Plasmid segregation systems

The University of Manchester, UK 2002-2010 Teaching Fellow; 2010- present Senior Lecturer



Microbiology laboratory practicals for dentists, medics and biological science students: identifying and characterising bacteria

Bacteria in biofilms and in the mouth; evading the host immune response

Biological Sciences final year project lead: Education and Science Media Projects

ID: 469391