Research areas

  • RC0254 Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology (including Cancer) - melanoma


Paul Lorigan is a Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Manchester and Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust. He leads a research based clinical medicine, specialising in developing new treatments for malignant melanoma. He is Chair Elect of Melanoma Focus (, the UK national charity dedicated to research, treatment, education and information for clinical teams treating melanoma patients, for patients and their families. Previously he chaired the UK NCRI Melanoma Clinical Studies Group from 2006 to 2012 transforming it from failing to successful, and is a member of the EORTC Melanoma Group and a number of other research groups. He is principal investigator on a number of international clinical trials. The Manchester group are international leaders in research and treatment of melanoma, with expertise in signalling pathways (Professor Richard Marais) circulating tumour cells (Professor Caroline Dive), immunotherapy and adoptive cell therapy (Professor Robert Hawkins), and pre-clinical melanoma models (Dr Claudia Wellbrock, Dr Adam Hurlstone). Manchester is the only centre in the UK able to deliver Adoptive Cell Therapy for melanoma, and only one of three in Europe. Paul Lorigan leads the clinical team that works closely with these groups, developing a model of pesonalised medicine in melanoma. This also allows a link between research in targeted therapy and immunotherapy, and greatly strengthens the centre's research output and competitive ability with the other five to six main centres leading internationally in this area. Paul Lorigan has been involved in a number of other projects. He was expert advisor to NICE in the Single Technology Appraisals (STA) of both ipilimumab and vemurafenib, is an advisor to Factor 50, and is a member of the Melanoma Forum. He also acts in the advisory capacity to many national and international groups. He is principal investigator on a number of international studies in this area and has been a co-author on many of the definitive studies in the last 10 years. Professor Lorigan has published over 100 peer reviewed papers.

Memberships of committees and professional bodies

GMC Member

Rare Cancers Research Group

International Collaborative Group

European Society of Medical Oncology

Society for Melanoma Research

EORTC Melanoma Group

EORTC Melanoma Group Advanced Disease Subgroup

EORTC Lung Group

American Society for Clinical Oncology

European Journal of Cancer Editorial Board

International Association for Study of Lung Cancer

Christie Hospital Melanoma Disease Orientated Group: Chair 2002 – present

Melanoma Task Force: (Parliamentary Group)

Royal College of Physicians Appointment Committee

Melanoma Focus (Charity): Chair Elect

Melanoma Research Fund (Charity) Trustee

Challenge for Life (Charity) Trustee


Paul Lorigan leads a research based clinical medicine, specialising in developing new treatments for malignant melanoma.

Melanoma Research has been prioritised by MCRC as one of the six tumour types for development with the aim of making these internationally competitive. Paul Lorigan (PL) is progressing this:

  • PL will be pivotal to delivering the clinical/translational component of Wellcome Senior Investigator Award (Professor Richard Marais).
  • PL is significantly increasing number of clinical samples for translational and basic research.
  • The grant from EME for a clinical trial of Adoptive Cell Therapy in Manchester relied on PL providing the melanoma expertise for the project and establishing a referral pathway from other centres in the UK. Manchester is the only centre in the UK able to provide the research based treatment, and one of three in Europe.
  • As a key contributor to international studies that have revolutionised how to treat melanoma patients.
  • Securing grants (among others):
    • CI two immunotherapy grants (€6 million and £4 million - PI Professor Robert Hawkins 2012)
    • PI CTAAC funded national study
    • £213,000 grants other funding sources 2011-12.

Leading research at an international level as a major contributor (currently UK PI for two ongoing studies) and author on nearly all of the most important international studies in small cell lung cancer in the last five years and continuing to lead for the Lung group in this area.



Research interests

Paul Lorigan (PL) has extensive experience as Principal Investigator in Phase I/II and III trials for nearly 20 years in Malignant Melanoma and lung cancer.

PL leads research at an international level and is a major contributor to pivotal clinical trials evaluating new treatment approaches that have revolutionized management of advanced melanoma. Key involvement in drawing up UK guidelines for use of these new treatments and expert advisor to NICE for review of these agents 2012.

  • Chair NCRI Melanoma CSG 2006-12, transformed from failing to successful
  • Chair Designate EORTC Melanoma Advanced Disease Subgroup
  • Key UK contributor to practice changing high impact papers

PL is key to delivering melanoma research, an MCRC priority

  • Will deliver clinical/translational component of Wellcome Senior Investigator Award (Professor R Marais)
  • CI two immunotherapy grants (€6 million and £4 million - PI Robert Hawkins 2012)
  • PI CTAAC funded national study
  • £213,000 grants other funding sources 2011-12
  • Invited reviewer Oxford BRC cancer output 2012 and Italian Melanoma Society research portfolio


  • Currently co-supervise two PhD students, a third writing thesis and RDP for further MCRC funded PhD studentship 2013-2016 approved.
  • Educational supervisor for two clinical trainees.
  • Lecture on various educational courses.
  • Contribute to medical student teaching, project supervision etc within the Trust.
  • Online educational initiatives
    • Medscape content editor and presenter - contributing to the curriculum in melanoma, and providing educational updates. Medscape is the largest international provider of Continued Medical Education with nearly 1.5 million clinicians registered internationally, and 22,600 oncologists registered in Europe.
    • Editorial Board Melanoma Matters (2012)
    • Presenter for Netscape

Selected Teaching Lectures

  • The Edinburgh Oncology Course. Keynote speech: 'Melanoma Treatment in the 21st Century'. Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. 2013
  • 12th ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology. Lecture: 'Advances in Treatment of Malignant Melanoma' Wolfsberg Centre, Switzerland, 2013
  • Consultants’ UK Lung Annual Workshop, ‘Melanoma Updates’. Leeds, 2011
  • Melanoma Update. Association of Cancer Physicians Trainees meeting, Leeds 2011
  • Melanoma Masterclass, Session organiser and Chair, London, 2010

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