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QBI Laboratory

I head the Quantitative Biomedical Imaging Lab (QBI Lab) within the Centre for Imaging Sciences. The QBI Lab focuses on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and other modalities with state-of-the-art analysis techniques to provide quantitative information about the structure and function of both normal and diseased tissues. Our research is a mix of methodological innovation and collaborative research projects with clinicians and industry. We currently enjoy funding from the pharmaceutical industry, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Cancer Research UK, and the Medical research Council (MRC), with on-going research projects in:

  • Quantitative DCE-MRI in oncology, inflammatory lung disease and dementia
  • Tracer kinetic modeling methods
  • Image registration
  • Tumour growth patterns
  • Tumour oxygenation
  • Proton MRI functional lung imaging
  • Tissue microstructure measurements using diffusion MRI and other methods in dementia and cancer

The QBI Lab has also participated in a number of phase I clinical trials of anti- angiogeneic and antivascular agents using DCE-MRI in the quantification of tumour microvascular function.

Bioxydyn Limited

I am Founder and CEO of a University of Manchester spin out company, Bioxydyn Limited. The company is developing new diagnostic imaging tools for lung diseases and provides an advanced imaging biomarkers contract research service. 

Research interests

I have a general interest in quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), with particular interests in dynamic contrast-enahnced MRI (DCE-MRI) for characterising the functional status of tissue microvasculature and in diffusion MRI for determining cerebral anatomical connections and for quantifying tissue microstructure non-invasively. I have recently developed a strong interest in imaging of the lung, particularly oxygen-enhanced MRI (OE-MRI).


  • Contrast agents
  • cancer
  • diffusion MRI
  • diffusion tensor
  • DTI
  • tractography
  • connectivity
  • brain
  • dementia
  • microstructure
  • neuroimaging
  • lung
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • MRI
  • medical physics
  • image analysis
  • imaging science
  • OE-MRI
  • ventilation
  • perfusion


I lead the Physics of Medical Imaging module run in the School of Physics. I also teach on MSc and other postgraduate courses.

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