[Work] The Sintered City: Rahel Aima Explores Urban Shanzhai

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Release date: 4/9/2014


Building something out of nothing, entirely divorced from history, zero to 100 in just a few short decades: these myths are integral to the Dubai story, coupled with the convenient elision of the city’s history leading up to the discovery of oil. Writing about Dubai’s cityscape, architect Fadi Shayya has emphasised the importance of endless sand and sea as a backdrop to its bar-graphed skylines. It’s not enough just to build big; the city must be contrasted with the appreciable voids of desert or history. But then again, perhaps all it takes is a carefully positioned magnifying glass.

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TitleThe Sintered City: Rahel Aima Explores Urban Shanzhai
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Media name/outletTANK Magazine
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CountryUnited Kingdom
Producer/Authorby Rahel Aima
PersonsFadi Shayya

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