What did you say? Could you speak more clearly?

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Release date: 26/6/2018


Tsimpida, D. (2018). What did you say? Could you speak more clearly?, Research Image In: Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase. Manchester: The University of Manchester

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TitleWhat did you say? Could you speak more clearly?
Media name/outletResearch Image
Media typePrint
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionPostgraduate Summer Research Showcase
This exciting series of events brings together researchers from across the University, fostering interdisciplinary networking and promoting a communication of ideas. It is the style and scope of the Showcase that makes it unique, as it allows researchers to present their ideas and their work in the form of posters, images, or short films. Not only does the Showcase encourage communication between researchers, making surprising links across the three faculties and enriching the calibre of research, but it also enables links beyond academia, with media and industry professionals.
Producer/AuthorTsimpida D.
PersonsDalia Tsimpida, MSc, BSc, MBPsS