The third-quarter phenomenon: The psychology of time in space

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Release date: 30/11/2017


Article on the time-based psychological changes that take place in extreme environments and relevance for long-duration space missions.

Media contributions

TitleThe third-quarter phenomenon: the psychology of time in space
Media name/outletROOM Space Journal
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionResearchers studying the psychology of space travel have long been interested in the phases of change that could occur in human performance and health during prolonged missions beyond Earth’s orbit. If patterns of mood change and performance during spaceflight could be reliably predicted, mission planners could introduce additional training and countermeasures aimed at optimising crew health and cohesion during critical phases. Nathan Smith and Gro Sandal examine the evidence for what has become known as the ‘third quarter phenomenon’ and consider its implications for space travel.
PersonsNathan Smith, Gro M Sandal