THE READING LISTS: The Best Books Of 2017

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Release date: 31/12/2017


Diane Coyle – economist & author.

Economics for the Common Good by Jean Tirole

economics for the common goodJean Tirole – who won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics (which sticklers always point out is really the Rijksbank Memorial Prize) – works on complex questions such as the regulation of network markets or the economics of digital platforms. Quite a lot of his research is theoretical, although he has long engaged in advising regulatory agencies and other ‘real world’ activities. He wrote this book, out in English this year, because he had so many members of the public asking him about economic issues after he won the prize. The first half of the book is about economics – what it’s all about and what economic research involves. The chapters in the second half discuss specific challenges such as the Euro crisis, or how economic analysis can contribute to environmental aims. At a time when prominent politicians disparage experts or even boast about being stupid, it’s more important than ever to have true experts addressing the widest possible audience, explaining why expertise and specialist knowledge matter so much.

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