“Targets are here to stay”

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Release date: 21/6/2013


A report and reflection on Sir Professor Christopher Frayling’s address at the University of Exeter.

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Title"Targets Are Here To Stay"
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Media name/outletCultural Value Initiative
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CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionIt is a pleasure to introduce a new voice to this blog with this latest post: cultural policy scholar in training and a member of the University of Exeter’s Arts and Culture team, Zoe Bulaitis reports for The #culturalvalue Initiative project on a recent event on regional arts funding entitled Funding not Drowning: the crisis in regional arts funding which featured Professor Christopher Frayling as the main speaker. The event took place at Exeter Northcott Theatre on the12th June 2013, in the context of the anxiety over the level of cuts that cultural sector would have to endure, and which – as transpired just a couple of days later when news of the settlement between DCMS and the Treasury were broke out – now sit at a further 8% (resulting in arts and museums in England being expected to receive a cut of around 5%). Frayling used this opportunity to sing the praise of the UK’s mixed funding approach to financing the arts and culture; but with public funding consistently decreasing in these times of economic duress, and a recent Art & Business report suggesting that about 90% of all English individual donations to the arts and 67.8% of all business investment goes to London, the reality of nurturing the cultural ecosystem in the regions and in rural areas of the country remains a live issue.
PersonsZoe Bulaitis