Gig economy / Zero hours contracts

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Release date: 5/7/2017


The gig economy is rarely out of the news; former CBI boss Lord Adair Turner is the latest prominent figure to call for the Government to enforce the minimum wage for those who earn a living in this way. Tony Dundon, Professor of Human Resource Management & Employment Relations at Alliance Manchester Business School, and Cristina Inversi examine the rising inequalities in an industry that employs over one million people in the UK.

  • Pay and working hours can be much worse in new gig-economy jobs.
  • Guidelines could be designed to ensure management policy is equitable and fair in new economic sectors
  • Regulating for decent work, employment fairness and societal justice are key policy choices locally, nationally and globally.
  • There are key work and citizenship policy issues related to Brexit options about how to sustain labour market equalities.

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TitleGig economy worse than zero hours
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PersonsTony Dundon, Cristina Inversi