Faculty of Humanities signs agreement to promote collaboration in English language teaching and learning in translation studies

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Release date: 1/8/2018


A summary of the creation of the EIPT Study Group, which I currently lead. This piece of news was published at Faculty and institutional levels. 

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TitleFAHU firma acuerdo de cooperación para promover investigación del inglés
Degree of recognitionLocal
Media name/outletUSACH al Día
Media typeWeb
DescriptionA brief note on the creation of the Study Group for research in English as B language teaching and learning in translation studies (Núcleo de Estudios de la Enseñanza del Inglés en Programas de Traducción, EIPT).
Producer/AuthorComunicaciones FAHU
PersonsNéstor Singer Contreras, José Luis Poblete , Carlos Velozo