Better healthcare with hybrid practitioners

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Release date: 6/2/2017


Burgeoning fields, such as implementation science and knowledge mobilisation, require solutions that bridge the gap between research and practice. Different strategies can be used to induce behavioural change, and to identify and overcome the multiple contextual barriers to mobilising research knowledge. We propose that ‘hybrids’ – clinician-researchers who combine an active clinical role with a research career – represent a key solution. By simultaneously participating in the worlds of research and practice, hybrid clinician-researchers reconcile multiple tensions between these fields. Hybrids are potential two-way windows, enabling knowledge flow between the broader groups of researchers and practitioners.

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TitleBetter healthcare with hybrid practitioners
Degree of recognitionInternational
Media name/outletAusHSI Blog
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Producer/AuthorAustralian Centre for Health Services Innovation
PersonsRoman Kislov, Nick Graves