BBC SPORT: University students accurately track time taken for new Premier League stars to find their feet

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Release date: 25/7/2019


It could take half a season for a footballer to adjust to a new team following a big money transfer to a new league according to analysis by The University of Manchester based on Opta data provided by a Premier League club.

University students have used in-depth performance data to define how long it takes football players to find their form when transferring between clubs in Europe’s biggest leagues.

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TitleTransfer window: How long do new signings take to settle?
Media name/outletBBC SPort
Media typeWeb
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionWhy pay a premium for Leicester City defender Harry Maguire rather than go for Ajax captain Matthijs de Ligt?

Why is manager Jurgen Klopp trusting his Liverpool team to maintain last season's momentum rather than investing in foreign talent?

A new academic study may have the answers.

Researchers at University of Manchester have crunched the data to reveal how long it takes players arriving in the Premier League from other European leagues to find their form.
PersonsAndrew Markwick