1. Jews in Eastern Bloc Film

    Cathy Gelbin (Participant)

    Impact: Society and culture

  2. Driving the industrial biotechnology revolution: cheaper and more sustainable chemical manufacturing through enzyme discovery, engineering and scale-up

    Nicholas Turner (Participant), Sabine Flitsch (Participant), Nigel Scrutton (Participant), Jason Micklefield (Participant), Michael Greaney (Participant), Nicholas Weise (Participant), Chris Hardacre (Participant), Sarah Lovelock (Participant) & Anthony Green (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Technological, Policy, Awareness and understanding

  3. REMORA as case study in NHSx's Rheumatology Digital Playbook

    William Dixon (Participant)

    Impact: Awareness and understanding, Technological, Health and wellbeing

  4. Making ECGs intuitively explainable to the public for early detection of life-threatening heart conditions (ECG-X)

    Caroline Jay (Participant), Alaa Alahmadi (Participant), Markel Vigo (Participant), Alan Davies (Participant), Jennifer Royle (Participant), Leanna Goodwin (Participant), Katharine Cresswell (Participant), Zahra Arain (Participant) & Katherine Dempsey (Participant)

    Impact: Technological, Health and wellbeing

  5. Helping Rolls-Royce plc improve jet engine efficiency

    Ping Xiao (Participant) & Xiaofeng Zhao (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Technological, Environmental

  6. Developing Fiscal States in Africa: a panel discussion

    Antonio Savoia (Participant)

    Impact: Policy, Society and culture

  7. R v K. (2022)

    Eithne Quinn (Participant)


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